Why the design of your site is critical

There is a common mistake that many new online business owners make. They spend all of their time focusing on the products and services that the site will sell. They also spend countless hours comparing the prices of their competitors so they can be sure to price their own items properly. These are obviously very smart things to do prior to the launch of an online business site. However, these activities should not come at the expense of some of the other jobs that need to be accomplished. In many cases, the actual design of the site itself is neglected.

design of your website

This causes many problems that ultimately cause some online businesses to fail. Here are some of the biggest reasons why the design of your site is critical.

1. Make a good first impression

You will never get a second chance to make a first impression. A person will always remember the first things they see when they visit your site. It will stay in their memory if your site looks like a relic from 15 years ago. You must view your website in the same way that you would view your own home. You would obviously clean your home and have it looking spotless if you were going to have people over for a party or other social gathering. Take pride in the way your site looks. You need to be certain that everything looks as current as possible. Work closely with your web designer to ensure that the exact instructions you give this person are followed to the letter. A site that looks fresh, attractive and original is bound to generate some buzz in the online community.

2. Keep up with your competition

Allowing your competition to pass you by could be a huge mistake. This is why you need to prevent this from happening. It would be a very smart move on your part to pay regular visits to the sites of some of your biggest rivals. See what they have been doing on their sites. Have they recently added any new tech items that you want to have for yourself? Make sure you make a list of everything you need so you will be able to go over later and make some decisions. Consult with your web designer to figure out which innovations are really needed for the particular type of site you are running. Help with custom web design can be acquired by simply visiting http://www.web.com/free-website-builder.aspx.

3. Easy to navigate

Can people find their way around your site very easily? People who have a problem doing this may not be eager to return to your site in the future. This is why so much attention must be paid to the issue of navigation while the site is being developed. Test your site continuously before the day you are supposed to go live. This will increase the odds that you will discover a bug or flaw long before the general public will start to use your site.

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