Why Nokia phones disappearing from market

Nokia, once known for its phones is slowly and steadily moving out of the smartphone arena. The company has lost a major share of the mobile phone market to Google and Apple, thanks to their smartphone operating systems and other factors which have doomed the company. Samsung, in the first quarter of 2012, has surpassed Nokia as the leading handset maker in the world.

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There are a number of factors and reasons which have attributed to the downfall of Nokia. As the last measure to revive back in the world of smartphones, Nokia has entered into the partnership with Microsoft, but many experts are considering Nokia as the risky partner in this marriage and have predicted an early divorce for this marriage. So, here are some of the reasons that have attributed to the disappearance of the Nokia phones from the market.

  1. Lack of Vision: Despite being a market leader for more than a decade, the company lacked the vision for the future. The company didn’t have any planning for the future and is seen to be bit complacent with the products launched by it. The introduction of iPhone by Apple in 1997, was seen as the turning point in the history of the smartphones but Nokia never felt it was threatened by it. The success of iPhone prompted some of the other handset makers such as LG and Samsung to experiment with the touch interface and other technology so that they can easily make a transition into the smartphone market.
  2. Lack of Innovation: This is one of the main culprits that led to the downfall of Nokia. After the launch of iPhone, other companies, Samsung in particular, kept on launching a number of handsets which are slight modifications of their earlier handsets. By this way, the company always remained in the smartphone arena. Nokia on the other hand did not anticipate this move and was steady with its E-series and N-series. The Nokia phones were feature ready but not future ready.
  3. Symbian OS: Nokia was highly dependent on their indigenously developed, Symbian OS before entering into a partnership with Microsoft. Nokia constantly tried to improve new updates and changes in its dead OS but it was of no avail. The Symbian as a result was retired gracefully. The transition of Nokia from Symbian to Windows has not been easy as the market is being captured by the Android and iOS operating system. Many advisers have advised Nokia to adopt a multi OS strategy that is being done by Samsung. Samsung not only supports Bada OS for its Wave range of smartphones but it also makes handsets for the Android OS also.

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