Top reasons for jail breaking your iDevice

Apple products are indeed the best in the world. Every person on this planet wants to own an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The apple devices, commonly called as the iDevices are amongst the best in the world. Apple has put up a number of constraints on their devices so that their interaction with the outside world is limited.


A jailbreak is the only way to remove this restriction but this would also void your Apple warranty. So we would give you some of the reasons that you can consider for jail breaking your iDevice.

  1. Third Party Apps: This is the main reason for the jail breaking your iDevice. The third party apps are those apps which are available from the independent developers who don’t want to share any revenue with the Apple. Apple imposes a cut of 30 percent of every sale that you make from the apps that are hosted on iTunes. So in order to avoid this, there are a number of app stores which are specifically available for the jail broken iDevices.
  2. Themes and Visual Enhancements for your iDevice: This is another major deterrent which do not allow the user to install new themes on their iDevice.  There are a number of amazing and visually attractive themes which are available on these third party app stores and some of them are even free.
  3. Tethering: The tethering is defined as the technique where a single internet connection can be shared amongst a number of iDevices around. Currrently this feature is not offered by Apple in any of its iDevices but many developers have shown that the tethering is indeed possible on the iPad and iPhone. So there are a number of apps which are available on the other app store which would let you do this.
  4. Install Siri on the older devices: Siri is one of the major innovations of the company. This invention has indeed been one of the best in the history of the company. The Siri has been made available to only to the new iPad and iPhone 4S. But we have an app which would let you install Siri on the older iPhones, iPods and iPads.  But you need a jail break for it.
  5. Full customization of iPhone and iPad: We all know that the iPhone is the most amazing iPhone ever and the phone works well within the boundaries which are granted by the Apple. Some of the people think that they didn’t have their money worth if they are not able to customize their iPhone to the full extent. The platform of iPhone is simply mind blowing and full of opportunities. You can do a number of tasks which cannot be done on a simple iPhone. In order to customize your iPhone, all you need is a simple jail break which is useful and legal in some places.  You can now simple customize your iPhone according to your wish and needs.

So here are some of the reasons which we have given you for the jail breaking your iDevices. These iDevices are the premium devices in the world, so do consider the consequences of the jail break before doing it.

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