Top Interesting Kindle Novels on Amazon

Kindle books are many in number. You will get tired searching through all of them but they would not finish. The Amazon digital library alone has over 180,000 books and you can easily search for one to download them all. Apart from that, you can also buy books from third party digital libraries as well. They have the best books as well so you can easily get any textbook, course book, novel, storybook or anything from online bookstores on your Kindle. Kindle was introduced when there were many tablet competitors with same featured tablets and same features of their technicalities. This fact saturated the market. The competitors did not try for anything new and it was time that every tablet market leader looked at something else to launch.


This was an opportunity more or less for the tablet market but to avail it, not a single competitor came in. only the services sector companies came in with successfully launched devices like Google and Amazon. Android was taking over the iOS and the other OS in tablets and Smartphones and that is how, both the companies came out with good ideas. Not every day we see such kind of success stories. Now Nexus and Kindle have become the top rated tablets in the market. You cannot just go through with the tablet features of the both of the gadgets but also you can get the e-book reading facilities as well. Now as talking about the many book-reading facilities, some of the top rated books on Amazon are as under that you can find very intriguing and for light reading, you can download them and buy them to get the hard copies delivered at your doorstep as well.

1) In the land of the long white cloud: This is written by two writers including Sara Lark. The story is about two women who were travelling to New Zealand through Sea and have some heroic adventures with the best friendship between two women that can ever be. It is an inspirational novel back from the 1850’s story of colonialism. You can enjoy the narrative style in the book and you will feel a part of the novel. This way you will be able to uncover some bare truths about that time and the war of colonization as well.

2) The forgotten: This book is written by David Baldacci. This book is about an Army man from US who is involved in investigating about the weirdest of crimes. However, this time, the crime is personal. One of his aunts were found dead and in the most awkward manner, he has to investigate in which he gets a lonely feeling and has to master his weakness to be his strength again.

3 The adventures of Sherlock Holmes: This book is the most famous of the detective and the suspense books. You must have seen all the series and the movies of Sherlock Holmes and now it is time you read about all of them and some new adventures with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. Take a cruise with the Sherlock Holmes books towards the realities of life with this book as well.

4) The hunger games: The hunger and famine have struck a land and the queen of the land has to choose two contenders from the land to win over a game to fight hunger. A boy and a girl are chosen which take you through their journey of mystical games and you will enjoy the overall book in comparison to the movie made out of it.

You can even get free books and novels from Kindle’s bookstore online on Amazon. Try it and you will be addicted to online buying and e-book reading. Be sure you protect the device with Kindle covers, as it will suit your long-term investment.

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  1. Rahul

    There are other kindle Editions of Chetan bhagat’s book, Those are also too helpful. I already read 2 of them. 🙂
    Rahul recently posted..How to Download Microsoft SkyDrive application on your androidMy Profile

    • Editor

      Yes I too read the book of Chetan bhagat- Three mistakes of Life, really good one, Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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