ZOHO Review: A project management software for your business

There aremanycustomer relation management (CRM) software available in the marketplace but ZOHO is a renowned one and this offers cloud based CRM system. The software includes features like marketing, inventory management, sales and support.

Key Features of ZOHO

The software provides features to allow you to track your sales and all the business opportunities you get. And for your convenience, it offers graphical reports to provide you the deal size, funnel stage and the contact you make with the other side – the full history of that.

To enter a demand that is historical and projected, or to increase or decrease a plan that was resulted by a factor; you can use this project management software. You will get the sum of revenue amount that you have projected, but however you will not get a statistical forecast. And you can save the forecasts in different parts like product, region, customer, territory and more you like which helps you to provide quota achievement reports.

zoho workYou can define the unique sales process of your business using the Workflow Manager. This feature ensures that approved projects are followed by opportunities, and the approvals are the right ones.

And, ZOHO CRM comes in different languages, even in the double byte ones.


You can access ZOHO CRM by almost all mainstream browsers without any trouble. And also you can access using smartphones, pretty much all of them are supports as the mobile app is available in Android, iOS, and BlackBerry platforms. To use this service in mobile you have to pay extra charge and have it enabled separately. You can even access ZOHO CRM from the mobile browser if your mobile has the ability to run flash. And that excludes the iOS devices from the usage list without app, because iOS does not support flash. And unfortunately, there’s no app for the Windows Phone devices, yet.


Unless your company is a very large one, ZOHO CRM will just serve all your purpose. Though it might not be a proper choice for the multi-national organizations as it doesn’t offer a currency converter, but if you don’t mind having a converter then it will be no problem.

And if you use forecast software, then you can merge these two software. If the other software has the statistical forecast functionality then this won’t be lacking any more.

zoho project managementHowever, you might not find ZOHO as very productive software like the other of its type you can find in the market. It’s not much robust like Salesforce.com, but anyways it’s a great package and worth the price. Of course, you can’t get everything without paying high.

Pricing and License

You can use the software for free for up to 3 users. But you get a very limited usage, only the sales automation, cases, resolution, reports etc. The limit to upload records is 100,000 and 1000 records per batch. The storage you get is also insufficient, only 100 MB.

And the upgrades bring more to it. You can upgrade to professional edition for 12$ per month, and enterprise edition by spending 25$ per month; you get advanced features.

Bottom Line

An excellent package – enough said.

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