Freeway Pro 6 By Softpress A Perfect Tool For Designing Sites For Mac Devices

For any website, image is an important issue, especially if you intend to display products or artwork through the same. Freeway Pro 6 by Softpress aids high-resolution output for the graphics used in the site, so that they look enigmatic when viewed on any MAC device or iPhones or iPads that have Retina display. The Freeway Pro 6 is a comprehensive package of designing websites applicable for Mac OS X. This tool is used for a perfect web layout is ideal for the designers. The approach of this tool is similar to that of Adobe Indesign.

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It has more use in creating a site rather than that of web editor as it generates code when the page is published or previewed.

Supports HTML5 and CSS3

It is more of software that a tool that is used for designing and it is effective in creating sites. FTP upload, hyperlinks, graphics, various styles of texts, along with pasteboards and Master pages are catered by this software. Freeway Pro 6 also supports CSS3 and HTML5 that makes it at par with the latest trends of web designing. It has the ability to incorporate the style features of CSS3 as shadows and you also have the option to spread the shadow of the images.

Incorporated responsive web designing

The Freeway Pro 6 now handles the HTML5 inputs well and for the first time it supports HTML5 audio and video too. The HTML5 enhances the experience of web browsing by the visitors and also gives a look of elegance to the site. Any support specific to HTML5 is also controlled by the software. This software has evolved over the years and the layout ability of the same has evolved. According to the latest development, various tricks of responsive web designing are also included in this software so that different elements of the layout respond well according to the device where the site is viewed.

Handles HTML boxes well

Handling of inflow elements is easier than it used to be earlier. HTML boxes are set in various dimensions and the position of the box in relation to the other elements in the page. The web pages also have fixed and flexible settings and you can add innumerous widths. As with the earlier version of the software, it can support the Photoshop and Illustrator files that can be optimized automatically to web formats. In this version of the software, the support for CSS has also been enhanced and you can also add shadow controls and transparency and many other tricks related to typography.

Enhancement in functionality of applications

It is expected that designers will be happy with the recent version of Freeway as it has externalized option for CSS and the behavior of the master page has also enhanced. Different elements in the master page and also the page setting can be managed seamlessly with this version. Freeway Pro 6 has a sophisticated approach on this aspect of designing as they can relink and unlink the page attributes and objects from their origin in the master page. Many of the applications have been enhanced in this new version.

Appreciated even by the coders

The earlier versions of Freeway found difficulty in being accepted by the coders. But this new software has been appreciated because of the output option and the controls. The code is new and robust and is proved to be effective for prototyping work. Whether you intend to create a website for yourself or a client, then this software can provide you with tools that can help you to create a high-functional website. This software makes website designing easy as you can concentrate more on the designing part rather than coding. There are endless possibilities with this software and you can explore them as per your need.

Samantha Anderson is a web designer and she has used the Freeway Pro 6 by Softpress to create websites to be viewed on a high-resolution screen of Mac devices. This version is better than the previous ones. To know more visit our site –

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