Is Managed WordPress Web Hosting Right for You?

WordPress is one of the most popular hosting sites in the web industry. If you want an amazing platform to land your website on, then WordPress recommended hosting i.e. Bluehost is the best choice for you. But, many beginners tend to have a lot of problems in dealing with their websites in general. Bluehost hosting can be very cheap if you make sure to use bluehost coupon lifetime on your first hosting plan purchase. WordPress has made a solution for all the beginners out there to sit calmly as they would take care of the Websites. This hosting plan is also known as managed WordPress hosting where all of your security, taking daily backups and other important stuffs will be taken care of. However, the plans are a bit pricey. Before we jump into conclusions, let’s discuss whether Managed WordPress Hosting can be the right plan for you.

managed wordpress hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Due to the maintenance issue faced by innumerable WordPress users, they have introduced a new hosting plan quite suitable for the people who face difficulty in maintaining their WordPress hosted websites and who doesn’t find time to take care of all the necessary maintenance. While regular Bluehost WordPress hosting starts from $3.95 a month, managed hosting can cost super high starting from $25 a month. But, you get a lot of benefits by considering the top-notch service-oriented managed WordPress hosting platform. In a nutshell, managed WordPress hosting takes care of all the backend tasks that are required to run a website more efficiently. Let’s see some of its advantages and disadvantages to clarify whether it’s necessary for you or not.


–          Security

Security is one of the most concerning issues faced by the developers. With managed WordPress hosting, loopholes in your blog is eliminated and a layer of security is implemented so that no hacker can take their turn on your website. Plus, if your website is already hacked, the experts of WordPress can easily take care of the data and return it back to you.

–          High Performance Boost

Never worry about the performance with managed WordPress hosting. Performance is really necessary if you run a high-traffic website. This service can give your website a performance boost so that the users find the blogs are running more efficiently.

–          Automatic Updates and Daily Backups

To relieve you from all the hassles of taking daily backups, it can take daily backups at a concerned time of the day automatically. Plus, updating WordPress tools will be taken care of as well.

–          Power Tools for Power Users

Custom WordPress sites are the best suited for power users and WordPress have developers ready to engage you in the wide array of power tools that are best suitable for you website.

–          Expert Support and Technical Details

Since, managed WordPress hosting is all about supporting the technical aspects of your WordPress site, it maintains its expert support 24×7.


–          Price

Price is one of the most discussed concerns of managed WordPress hosting. Considering a $25/month agreement is a bit too much for the small business owners but managed WordPress hosting can save you the hassles and the requirement to hire a WordPress professional as well. Considering these, the price is not a big concern, but the service is.

–          Limitations

As the server architecture is based on WordPress, you are only allowed to run sites based on WordPress. Plus, all the plugins can’t work as well since this service tends to block the plugins that make your website run slower.  Check blog post Bluehost Vs. HostGator hosting to find which is better for your WordPress website.

Considering advantages and disadvantages all we can say that if you’re into a large business and running your website efficiently is the main concern then, there’s no alternative to managed WordPress hosting.

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