How to Trace a Mobile Number in India with Exact Location

When technology brings something new to our lives, it is technology itself which helps to correct its flaws. When mobile phones were introduced in India, they were used only for business purposes. Little did anyone know that they would become such invincible parts of man’s daily life? With the widespread use of mobile phones, its misuse also became a common problem. We often get calls and text messages from unknown numbers. Sometimes, this becomes a serious problem. Also, many crimes have been possible in India, in the recent years, due to the misuse of mobile phones. All of this has made necessary the tracking of mobile phone numbers.

trace mobile number inTechnological advances with the inclusion of the GPS technologies in mobile phones created possibilities for the number to be traced. This is achieved by tracing the signals that the phone receives from the local towers of transmission. A number of internet services on the Internet allow users to trace where a mobile phone number is being used. Though they might differ in appearance, but all of them use the same data provided by the telecom companies.
First of all, information is taken from the telecom companies which provide the mobile phone connections. This primary information itself has the location of the mobile number mentioned in it. It also includes the distance to the nearest transmission towers calculated using GPS.
Now, the exact location of the particular mobile number at a particular hour is many a times needed by the police. They then track the number using the GPS service itself. A method called triangulation is used to track the location. This is done by taking the readings from two or more locations of transmission towers. This creates a triangle which gives a rough idea of the location of the number at that time. Usually the third point of the triangle is the location of the number at that point. Phones with the GPS service can always be traced by those who are equipped with the right technology. In areas where there are fewer transmission towers, it becomes far easier to trace a number with utmost accuracy.
Another way of tracing the location of a mobile number is the internet. There are many sites on the internet which allow any user to trace the location of a mobile phone number, though giving much lesser details. One can go through wiki page on mobile numbering. It contains a list of phone numbers with their service providers and locations. It helps to trace the origin of the mobile number by entering the first 4 digits of the number. Other sites like indiatrace, bharatiyamobile are also of help in this regard. Internet4mobile provides locational information of a mobile number giving you the state, city, service provider and geographical position using Google maps. There is also much software, some even for mobile phones themselves which allow users to track the location of mobile phone numbers in India. However, the functioning of GPS in mobile phones differs from one network to another and some operators do not provide location details.

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