How to Create Space in iCloud Backup?

You work on something to get the best output from it and say you get a great output form your research work; you will definitely like to save it. Not only save it but also pay hid that it is completely secure. It may be a playlist of your favorite songs for which you have spent a quality time collecting the tunes from the internet. It may also be a contact list containing the details of those which you have gathered in your lifetime.

Aren’t there certain things or person with whom you will never meet but they acquire a significant position in your time. Hence, all these valuable things mean a lot to you and you wish to keep them protected so that you can refer back to them as and when you require them. Thanks to the digital world which has come up with a great solution to stand this data storage issue. iCloud is the ideal solution that can deal with your data storage problem.

iCloud – One Solution to Data Storage Problems

If you think of storing your crucial data in your mobile devices, then beware. With the growth of thefts, it is no guarantee that your cell phone is completely secure. It can be stolen anytime and hence your data is at stack. Again transferring data is an irritating task. In the recent times, new technologies are emerging with new devices and you are open to easier ways of handling with data storage and backups.

This is where iCloud comes to your aid by offering you an additional 5GB space. This application is also capable of keeping a backup of your data when your device is locked, connected to some high speed Wi-Fi connection or is on charge. At times, it may happen that you fall short of the 5GB space since you have so many data to store.

icloud backlup

What will you do if the iCloud space is insufficient for you? There is a solution for this problem as well. You can shrink the size of your data so that it acquires lesser space in iCloud.

How to reduce the size of iCloud backup?

Follow these simple steps and you can cut short the space to be used for data storage.

Open Settings apps > click iCloud > scroll to ‘Storage & Backup’ > click on this option > view the total space available on iCloud > click ‘Manage Storage’ for extending the space > select the device you want to work on > a window will be displayed with all the data and apps pertaining to the device > accept or deny taking backup of a particular app.

Are you done? Now click on ‘Turn Off & Delete’, a red color button to discard app from the iCloud Backup when the app still sustains in your device.

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