Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Computer

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace today that storing data and managing new software and applications can be challenging for those without the latest desktop or laptop computers. With computer programs, applications and games becoming more complex and with the day-to-day running of your computer requiring more hard disk space, naturally many will be seeking cheaper alternatives to purchasing a new model in order to keep up with the times. Although new computer models will of course have the in-built capacity to deal with the latest software requirements, there are in fact a number of ways in which you can optimize the capacity and operational capabilities of your pre-existing computer, in order to meet the demands of today. Low cost computer parts are easy to come by if you know where to look. Here are a few very practical ways you can save money by upgrading your current computer.

upgrade your computer External Hard Drives and Solid State Drives

One of the central concerns of computer owners is the ongoing need for storage space. New applications and programs are becoming increasingly larger in size, so naturally new computer models are equipped with an internal hard drive large enough to handle these changes. However, this does not mean that those with slightly older computers must discard their older models. On the contrary, additional story space is readily available in the form of External Hard Drives and Solid State Drives. Whilst both ultimately serve the same purpose, External Hard Drives as a rule of thumb are considerably cheaper than Solid State Drives. Whereas a good quality 120 Gigabyte Solid State Drive would cost around £70, you could expect ten times that amount of storage space from an External Hard Drive costing roughly the same amount. With this in mind, an External Hard Drive is a very cost effective way to considerably increase your data storage space.

Additional Graphics Cards

If your computer is more than a few years old, there is every chance that it may struggle to cope with newer games and program graphics. This will of course be of great concern to computer gamers, who will be wanting the most from their gaming experience. All computers will come equipped with a basic video card. However, in order to run more advanced games and programs at  their optimum level, you may want to look at investing in a second newer graphics card. This can be relatively cheap, and will improve your playing experience considerably.

Invest in a New Monitor

It goes without saying that having plenty of storage space and a powerful second graphics card will amount to very little if you are unable to clearly see the screen in front of you. Particularly for those who are gamers or enjoy watching films on their computer, a decent monitor is a must. Unlike older models, many if not all of today’s computer monitors are widescreen and have a far superior screen resolution. Even the cheaper new monitors will outshine most of the more expensive older ones.

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