How can small firms keep data secure?

As a small business, you don’t have access to the larger resources of a corporate giant. You don’t have a vast IT department or a wide budget to invest in whatever needs you may have. So, when it comes to many things, you have to be a bit more creative.

keepdatasecureOne of these areas is undoubtedly keeping documents and information safe. For a variety of purposes, this is highly important but the age old truth still remains: as a small firm, you simply don’t have as many resources as you would like.


As a result, one of your best options is to outsource to professional services. For instance, if you choose secure document storage from Iron Mountain, you have access to all the expert facilities without having to pay staff wages or accommodate them in your office.

Other services available include using offsite servers to keep accurate backups. In the case of an emergency, being able to restore all your documents could prove to be a highly effective way out of a crisis.

Likewise, disaster recovery can ensure that, if anything does go wrong, systems are in place to get you and the company back on its feet. Time is money, so don’t waste it by struggling for answers when this simple measure can act as an underlying answer.

Preventative measures

On a similar note, preventative measures can also help reduce risk. This includes simple features, such as firewalls and protective software, but it also includes other means typically not considered.

For instance, have you considered training your staff better, and ensuring only those relevant to the data have access? The more people who can open the files, the more people who can make a mistake, after all. This is also true if you let people take documents home, so keep a strict eye on any ‘bring your own device to work’ policies you may be operating.


Finally, you must prioritise safety as a number one feature. This is both for your own safety and to meet the expectations of the modern world.

For instance, the government may be introducing a business ‘kitemark’ on cyber-security for companies looking to work within the UK. This may sound complicated but the end result is obvious: such measures only bring security to the foreground and, when this happens, you want to be at the front of this practice, proudly displaying the priority you have given the issue.

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