5 Best Smartphones for Mobile Photography Enthusiasts in India

In the purview of the growing craze of mobile photography, the mobile users are demanding better camera quality that would let them click supreme quality pictures without carrying those bulky DSLR cameras. The smartphone makers’ too keeping pace with the consumer demands have come with high quality camera lens and functions that has taken mobile photography to a different level altogether.


If you are looking to buy a mobile phone that has the best camera, today, you have plenty of choices at your disposal and making the right choice can be an overwhelming task. The best way to narrow down your choice is to check the mobile prices in India and choose a phone that fits within your budget. Some of the best camera phones that are currently extremely popular in India are:

Honor 6 Plus

This amazing android device has managed to accomplish what most other android phones available in the market has failed in; which is to beat the camera quality of Apple iPhone. Yes, several tech experts and users have corroborated that the Honor 6 has a better camera than iPhone. What is more exciting about this phone is that it comes at a fraction of a cost. This makes it the phone that offers the best value in terms of smartphone cameras.

Nokia Lumia 930

The Nokia, which once ruled the roost in the mobile market in India, was the first company that came up with the idea of having dual camera in the phone. Additionally, it also was the company that came-up with amazing camera that give a picture quality which was at par or even better than the pictures clicked on the usual camera. Today, Nokia is back playing to its strength of offering amazing quality camera phones that appeals to the mobile photographers and Nokia Lumia 930 is certainly among the top best camera phones. It has features like image stability, an f 2.0 aperture and above all Carl Zeiss lenses, which is considered to be the best.

Sony Xperia Z3                                                                                                              

After Nokia came Sony, which instantly gained fame for its incredible camera, remember the Sony Cyber Shot phones? It was a revelation in the mobile camera technology. Sony continues to amaze the modern day consumers with its wide array of mobile that are loaded with supreme quality camera. The Z3 boasts of having a massive 20.7 MP camera that produces sharp, crisp and vivid picture. The camera also has the capacity to shoot brilliant quality videos with 4K colours.

Xiaomi Mi4

These days, Xiaomi has made it a habit of featuring itself in the list of best smartphones no matter what the criteria is. This smartphone which comes at an amazingly affordable price has been a huge hit among the buyers especially for its brilliant quality camera. The images clicked are sharp and bring even the smallest of elements to life.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The list of best camera smartphone would certainly seem incomplete without an iPhone featuring in it. Although, all the iphone models are quite eligible to fit in the list, the iPhone 6 Plus is a class apart. Its 8 MP rear camera with image stabilization offers better quality pictures than other phones that have 20MP cameras.

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